Great ministries operate well because of their incredible volunteers.

While there are some incredible ministry leaders out there, none of them could lead a church or non-profit without the support of volunteers.

Volunteers give their time, money, and resources to further a mission, not receive a paycheck. And because of their selfless hearts, we want to communicate that we not only appreciate what they do, but who they are.

17 Reasons We Are Thankful For Volunteers

Volunteers are the unsung heroes who support the weight of weekly programming.

Volunteers believe that there is power in the name of Jesus.

Volunteers desire to extend the grace of God they have received.

Volunteers see people as those created in the image of God.

Volunteers lay down their own comfort to invest in the lives of others.

Volunteers don’t have to attend events or serve, but they are willing to give their time.

Volunteers know that the “harvest is plentiful and the workers are few” and still decide to step up and step out on faith.

Volunteers are the 20% who are doing 80% of the work.

Volunteers serve behind the scenes in areas others take for granted.

Volunteers lean on the Gospel to lead others.

Volunteers pray for God’s guidance and strength.

Volunteers put up with people who are hard to love.

Volunteers serve for the long haul.

Volunteers give above and beyond their full-time responsibilities.

Volunteers give their vacation days to attend events.

Volunteers apply their God-given gifts for Kingdom impact.

Volunteers understand that each person is expected to live out their faith in Jesus.

How else are you thankful for volunteers?



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