The first time a new guest visits your church happens online before they show up in person.

What does your student ministry website (or webpage on the church’s website) say about your student ministry?

Most likely your students will not head to your student ministry page. Your site should be geared for parents to gather information and for guest to catch a glimpse of who you are.

Our student ministry has decided to have a separate student ministry website that is linked on our church’s website. This makes it easier for us to promote individual events that are coming up. I’m not advocating that your team must create your own student site, but there are key bits of information that need to be communicated on your church’s page.

Here are three quick thoughts about what you should add and refresh on your student ministry website.

3 Crucial Concepts That Must Be On Your Student Ministry Website

Student Will Have Fun

Your site must communicate that middle and high school students enjoy their time with you. Guest families want to know that students enjoy being in your church and your church enjoys hanging out with students. The last thing they want to do is to head back to school atmosphere for a couple more hours on a Wednesday evening. Sharing pictures, videos, and social media feeds is a great first step to communicating the fun parts of your student ministry.

Your Events Are Current

Do you still have the permission form posted from last year’s beach camp? You need to monitor your website more frequently! Upcoming events must be clearly listed on your student ministry page with clear information and a call to action button. Parents need assurance that you are administrative and will communicate what is coming up. An out-of-date website communicates that you are out-of-touch with parents.

Communicate A Place To Belong

Most sites are so focused on communicating information that they fail to communicate the transformation that God is doing. Add a video, about us tab, or social account feeds to give a glimpse that students are building gospel-centered community. If a guest parent or student thinks that your ministry isn’t relational they will not visit.

Now What?

What additions need to go live on your website this afternoon?

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