Do you have parents who are incredible volunteers in your ministry?

I know some children and student pastors who are hesitant to ask parents to be volunteers in their ministries.

Their fear is that all parents will become helicopter parents that hover over their children at events.

Another fear is that students won’t enjoy having their parents around the student ministry. I can understand this one to a certain extent. Students need opportunities for individuality and growth, but a sheer refusal to be involved in a ministry that their parents serve in is a red flag.

I know that there are some parents who would be horrible volunteers for your ministry for one reason or another. But don’t write off all parents because of the parents you know whose gifts fit better elsewhere.

I believe that parents can be incredible volunteers. Here are three reasons.

3 Reasons that Parents Make Incredible Volunteers

  1. Parents Take Ownership

After all, they are serving with their children. A parent has more of a vested interest that another adult volunteer. Nothing against the other adults — they just didn’t birth the child, raise them, and teach them virtually everything. Parents care for their children. This brings a higher level of ownership to your volunteer team.

  1. Parents Know Other Students

Parents want the best for their children. Many parents are looking for ways to ensure that their students are surrounded by positive influences in their friend group. Your ministry is the perfect place for parents to bring their children and their children’s friends to share the love of Jesus.  

  1. Parents Share Event Information With Other Parents

Parents know plenty of parents who have students in your ministry — parents and students you may never reach, without the help of your parent volunteers.  Want a network to share information about your ministry? Parents are it. Parents are able to communicate with other parents, share information about upcoming events, and even organize the carpool! Talk about a win for your ministry numbers!

Now What?

How do you utilize parent volunteers in your ministry?


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