Are you impacting your community for the Gospel of Jesus?

I didn’t ask if your church has ministries that serve the community.

I’m not concerned with the number of service projects you have completed.

Are you impacting your community?

It is easy for us to believe that since our church is ministering to the community that must mean that we had a part in that as well. While that is partially true, you can’t sit on Sundays and never serve but call that investing in your community.

4 Habits That Are Killing Your Ministry

You use your social medias to further your agenda instead of spread Jesus’ love

Your friends and neighbors see your social media posts long before they see you. How do I know? Because people are going to check their social media news feeds before they leave their house in the mornings. Stop filling your social medias with hate speech, pointless arguments, and posts that make you look awesome. Be real on your social medias and start to connect with your alleged “friends.”

Don’t be pushy, but be real about the love of Jesus.

You don’t serve your community

Sure, you sign up for a service project every year or so. Is that investment? Are you getting to know people? Imagine if Jesus performed one miracle per year. We would have a whopping three miracles from his ministry! There are plenty of needs in your community that must be meet more than once or twice per year. Relationships are built by spending time with others. And discipleship is impossible without relationships.

How are you, not your church, serving families and spreading the hope of Jesus?

You don’t attend a local church, you drive to another town

How far away is your church from your house? More than a 25 minute drive? Unless you live in an area without many people or churches, something might be off about this. Most people are attending church because they like certain aspects – the music, the preaching, the children’s ministry, etc. But answer this. What will happen when the church changes it’s worship style? Or if the pastor is called to another church?

If we base our decision to attend church on our likes and not where God wants us to serve, then we aren’t ministering to our community. What if God has called you to be the only young adult at a smaller church so that you can be the one who reaches young adults?

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You are only concerned with bringing people to church, not taking the Gospel to people

There isn’t anything wrong with bringing people to church. There is everything wrong with failing to taking the Gospel to people.

The difference? Jesus didn’t command His disciples to “bring” people to the temple, Jesus instructed His disciples to “go” into the world.

Sitting back and waiting for people to find your church is the equivalent to sitting back and waiting for drowning swimmer to find his way back to the shore. The time is too short and the need is too great for us to live removed from the spiritual and physical needs of our communities.

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