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Have you ever left a conference frustrated because the ideas presented would never work in your church?

We have felt that way before, always saying to ourselves the same few things:

“I don’t have enough volunteers to do that!”

“Our budget isn’t big enough to do that!”

“That would never work in my ministry context!”

Working in ministry is one of the most rewarding callings in the world, but it also brings unique challenges. 

Many of us have incredible ideas, but we all face challenges like being underfunded, lacking volunteers, or needing resources we just don’t have. We know God has gifted every disciple of Jesus to make an impact in their community.

So why is it that so many leaders feel discouraged and unable to turn their ideas into tangible ministry?

That is exactly why we created Ministry Bubble. 

We know God will always provide for His plans. We want to assist you as you cast vision, lead change, and encourage families. 

Our Goal – Helping You Turn Your Ideas Into Ministry

We believe that God is working through your budget, volunteers, and community to accomplish some incredible ministry. Seriously. God works through the local church – regardless of how many bodies or budget dollars you have access to. He has given you God-sized ideas to share the Gospel with your community. 

There are three ways we help you turn your ideas into ministry:

Through posting articles on ChaseSnyder.blog that will encourage you and your team.

Through creating resources that are affordable to leads to spiritual conversations. 

Through publishing your ideas in digital or print with our publishing division – 228 Publishers.

Our Team

Chase Snyder

Co-Founder of Ministry Bubble. Husband to Anne. 

Anne Snyder

Co-Founder of Ministry Bubble. Wife to Chase. Leads 228 Publishers. 

Our Story

We are Chase and Anne Snyder. We met in 2009 at Camp Ba Yo Ca when both of us worked a middle school camp. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we wanted to do life and ministry together for the long haul.

Chase is a native of East Tennessee who loves adventuring outdoors, drinking strong black coffee all day long, and speaking to large crowds. He grew up surrounded by ministry, with many family members working in full time ministry roles in churches and non-profits. When he was just 16 years old he knew God was calling him into full time ministry, so he set out to study preaching and youth ministry in college.

Anne is a native of West Tennessee who loves being inside, adding all the things to her very weak coffee, and making the magic happen behind the scenes for large events. When she was 16, God got ahold of her heart and she committed her life to Christ. She knew her life would be about sharing the Good News she herself now understood, so she set out to study journalism in hopes God would use her writing skills to impact others.

Since meeting, it’s been quite the adventure. We have worked on staff at a middle school ministry, led sixth grade small groups, lived deep in the woods to work at a Christian camp, and moved twice to serve in local churches. We have welcomed two great kids into our family, and we have learned so much about discipleship (both how to do it and how not to do it) from our kiddos.

With every step of our ministry journey, God has been faithful. And we desire to be faithful in return. What began as a vague idea that God wanted us to do something more on top of what we were already doing has morphed into a full blown company with multiple avenues for doing ministry. We know everyone can (and should) do deep, meaningful ministry in their homes, churches, and communities. So that’s our mission — we do what we do so you can take your God-given ideas and turn them into tangible, practical ministry that brings to Good News of Jesus to those who need to hear it and believe it.

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