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Have You Ever Thought:

Have you ever left a conference frustrated because the ideas presented would never work in your church?

We find ourselves saying:

  • I don’t have enough volunteers to_____!
  • Our budget isn’t big enough to _____!
  • That would never work in our context!

Working in ministry is one of the most rewarding callings in the world, but it also brings it’s unique challenges. Many of us are under funded, lack volunteers, and have incredible ideas for furthering the Gospel of Jesus.

God has gifted every disciple of Jesus to make an impact in their community.

But why is it that so many leaders feel discouraged and unable to turn their ideas into tangible ministry?

That is exactly why we created – To help leaders turn their ideas into ministry. God will always provide for His plans. We want to assist you as you cast vision, lead change, and encourage families along the process.

Our Goal

Notice that we didn’t say “OUR” ideas.

We believe that God is working through your budget, volunteers, and community to accomplish some incredible ministry. We exist to encourage and equip leaders to bring about change in their own ministries.

All of our posts, articles, and resources are specifically crafted to give you the tools and encouragement to turn the ideas that God has given you into ministry for your team.

We understand that since no two churches are the same no two student ministries will be the same.

Our aim is to resource the ministry that God is cultivating in YOUR church.

Chase and Anne Snyder

Our Heart

We are Chase and Anne Snyder. Combined we have 17 years of vocational ministry experience and have served in both non-profits and the local church here in East Tennessee. 

Our passion is for people to practically apply the faith that they proclaim. And it is from this passion that we create resources that will encourage and equip you to do the ministry that God has prepared for your specific church and community, regardless of your budget and volunteer base.

For more about Chase’s ministry, resources, and his speaking page, head to his site:

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