Student ministry can be downright weird.

As a leader, you are in a mix of teen culture, puberty (not you, but that middle school kid), and social media.

  • Which Kardashian did what?
  • When does the new gaming system come out?
  • Why can’t students stay with a social media for more than three years? Come on students, you are exhibiting some commitment issues!

You are continually reliving middle and high school as if you’re the church’s equivalent to Billy Murray in Groundhog Day.

Often you are looking for an outlet to have conversations with adults, but until that happens, you are content arguing why DC Comics is better than Marvel.

Let’s be honest, deep down you would rather talk about Krypton than health insurance premiums.

Student ministry is unique to say the least!

To celebrate the greatest phase of ministry in a local church, here are a few student ministry proverbs.

Student Ministry Proverbs

  • Sugar stirs up trouble within the group; Caffeine emboldens the meekest.
  • Leaving your phone unattended results in 1,000 selfies on your phone’s camera roll.
  • Identify the student who has an obsession with medieval weaponry and befriend him at once.
  • Always screen the jokes students plan to use during the welcome time. An un-supervised joke will end with a call from your supervisor.
  • Messy games are all “fun and games” until someone throws up – then it is legendary!
  • An angry high school girl is like a roaring lion – make them all mad and you are dead.
  • Glow sticks are a lamp unto my feet and a light during Neon Night.
  • Three things we will never understand: How the soundboard is always messed up, how the girls’ bathroom is dirtier than the guys’, and how that one kid wins the March Madness bracket by picking the mascots…
  • It is better to take ahold of a mad dog by his ears than to argue with a middle schooler about Minecraft.
  • If a parent drops a student off hopped up on sugar, we shall send them hope with the same amount of energy.
  • The leader who allows a student to drive him to an event deserves the high blood pressure that he will receive during the drive.
  • The man who challenges a high school guy to a pizza-eating contest is a fool – may God have mercy on his digestive tract.

What proverbs would you add to this list?




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