Attend Church As A Family

Your family needs to be committed and connected to a local church if you want to grow spiritually. Families are able to worship together outside of a local church, but this cannot replace your commitment to a local, Bible-believing church. There you will be pastored, learn more about God’s Word, live in Biblical community, and serve others. You need to attend Sunday services together, as a family unit.

 Strengthen Your Own Relationship With Jesus

Leading your kids spiritually begins with discipling yourself to grow in Christ each day. You will be unable to direct your kids if you are going through a spiritual drought. How is your soul doing? If you desire to lead your children, you and your spouse must daily spend time in prayer, study, and communion with Jesus.

Take Control Of The Schedule

Your kids shouldn’t dictate every second of their schedules. You’re in control, so make sure your calendar prioritizes what you really want it to. As parents we sometimes fill our lives with extracurriculars so our kids don’t miss out on opportunities, but we can inadvertently communicate to our children that those opportunities are the point of life instead of Jesus.

Be Honest About Your Mistakes

You don’t have to share everything, but when you are wrong, ask your kids for forgiveness. They need to see what repentance and forgiveness look like in real life. If you portray that you are above forgiveness and repentance they will believe that when they are adults that they will not need these either.

Look For Opportunities To Talk About God In The Normal Flow Of Your Life

Studies have shown that most students leave church and the Christian faith in college because they are unable to see how their faith applies to their career, degree, and day-to-day lives. As a parent you should be looking for opportunities to talk about Jesus during the normal daily schedule. It can be something as simple as asking what God thinks about how the characters handled a situation in the movie you watched before bed.

Eat Dinner Together As Many Times As Possible

Eating meals together gives your family a chance to connect in the midst of hectic schedules. It doesn’t have to be home cooked meals – you can eat around the table even if you grabbed a bag of burgers on your way home from practices. Sitting around a table allows for real conversations about what happened throughout your day and everyone’s hopes for the future.

Use Sunday Lunch As A Family Devotional Time

Take a few minutes and ask your kids what they learned during church that morning. If your church has each phase of life study the same topic or passage each week you will already have an idea of what your kids have discussed. This is an easy way to start a family devotional time since the lesson, sermon, and worship music is still fresh on everyone’s mind.

Listen To Worship Music As You Drive

I tell my family that the driver of the vehicle is the captain and the captain gets to control the dashboard. This works well for my two preschool kids! Add in some Christian music during your daily commute with the kids. Spiritual conversations about the goodness and love of God will come as the kids are hearing other people talk and sing about Jesus. Plus, other music is straight up trash that isn’t wholesome for adults, let alone middle schoolers.

Pray With Your Kids When They Are Scared, Worried, Or Concerned

When was the last time your son was scared? How did you respond? Taking a minute or two to audibly pray for your children. I had a co-worker who was phenomenal at this. If her sons were worried about a test in high school she would call them and pray before their class.

Now What?

What are some other ideas you have to spiritually lead your family this coming year?


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